Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman: 2013 - 2014 Annual Report
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TIO Vision and Roles


We will deliver an exceptional telecommunications dispute resolution service for consumers, service providers and the Australian community. Our work will contribute to better customer services and complaint handling within the telecommunications industry.


Resolving disputes

Telecommunications dispute resolution

Leading by example

Innovative, adaptable, collaborative, responsive, resilient and forward thinking

An independent voice

An independent and expert telecommunications voice

Improving telecommunications services

Help the telecommunications industry improve services to consumers


Commercial and Business Services

Executive Director and EA

  • Facilities Management and Administration
  • Finance
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Business Systems Improvement (BSI)

Executive Team

Ombudsman and EA

  • Legal
  • People and Development
  • Governance
  • Quality Management
  • Communication

Dispute Resolution

Deputy Ombudsman and EA

  • DRD Process
  • DRD Operations
  • DRD Quality

Industry Community and Government

Executive Director and EA

  • Industry Engagement
  • Policy and Research
  • Industry Improvement
  • Community