Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman: 2013 - 2014 Annual Report
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Carla's complaint

Jenny, a worker at a credit repair agency, called us with a complaint about a default listing for her client, Carla.

What the consumer told us

Jenny said Carla had a home loan application rejected because her provider had default listed her for a two-year-old, $1,000 phone account. She said that Carla had not received any bills or letters from the provider about the default and wanted it removed.

Jenny said Carla called the provider to cancel her contract and update her address a year before the default, but the provider did not record her details or cancel the contract.

What the provider told us

The provider told us that it had no record of Carla calling to cancel the contract or update her address.

It also sent us records that showed that:

  • it had sent Carla bills, final demand letters and a letter about its intention to default list her, and
  • Carla used the phone after the date she claimed she had cancelled the contract, going over her limit several times.

How the complaint was resolved

After seeing these documents, we asked Carla directly to prove her claims. She sent us a copy of two final demand letters she said were the only ones she received.

We believed this information contradicted her earlier claims. Carla did not try to avoid being default listed even though she was aware of the debt. The provider had followed the steps required by credit regulations. Carla withdrew her complaint.