Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman: 2013 - 2014 Annual Report
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Sarah's complaint

Sarah for case study

Sarah called us about a being misled into switching to a provider she did not know.

What the consumer told us

Sarah said that she was called by a sales person about a better deal for her landline if she transferred her service to a new provider.

She agreed to the switch but discovered the next day that her service was transferred to a company that was not the one that the telemarketer claimed to represent.

Sarah called the new provider to cancel the transfer but it switched her service anyway. Her original provider also charged her an early termination fee.

What we did

From her account, it appeared she may not have been properly informed about the company she was agreeing to move her service to.

We raised our concerns with the provider that the transfer may have been done despite Sarah’s requesting to cancel it during the cooling-off period consumers have a right to under Australian Consumer Law.  

How the complaint was solved

The new provider transferred Sarah’s service back to her original provider and refunded the early termination fee she had to pay.